Healthcare Project

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The feature of this project is vertically integrated design of application, algorithm, architecture circuit.

As each person designs taking into consideration all hierarchies, we can learn a wide range of fields (medicine, digital circuits, analog circuits, signal processing, wireless communication, sensors, application development for smartphones, etc.).

In addition, there are many opportunities to acquire valuable experience, such as meetings with joint research companies and announcement of international conferences. If you are interested, let ‘s study together with Healthcare Project by all means!


Research background

In recent years, with the aging of the world worldwide, the healthcare field have been noticed.

Especially aging in Japan is outstanding among developed countries, and the aging rate since 2005, that is, the ratio of population over 65 years old is high among major countries.

The most worrisome event in the aging society is an increase in the number of care recipients,

It is important to prevent an increase in the number of care recipients in a society with a high population aging rate.

The main cause of becoming a care recipient is cerebrovascular disease, which is one of the three major lifestyle diseases, that is, a stroke.

In order to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, it is important to accumulate biological information data in everyday life and improve lifestyle habits.


Research content

In order to perform data accumulation in real time and constantly, it is necessary to realize a wearable biometric information sensing system that does not make the user aware of its existence.

In other words, devices with high usability are required.

There are various factors of usability in wearable devices.

For example, it is the frequency of battery replacement, the size and weight of the device, shape / material, ease of use.

In this research, we aim at practical application of high usability basic data acquisition system with intelligent wearable sensor LSI with sensing, data processing, communication function as the core.


Non-contact electrocardiogram measurement technique

Electrocardiogram, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing, etc. are said to be “vital signs” and are important information for grasping health. Electrocardiogram is the electrical excitement around the right atrium that has been conducted throughout the heart.

A normal electrocardiogram (ECG) consists of P, Q, R, S, T waves. You can identify heart diseases such as arrhythmia from amplitude and duration of each wave.

In this research, we aim a capacitively coupled ECG sensor using single insulated electrode that can measure from clothes with high usability.


Monitoring method using microwave

In this research, we focused on instantaneous heartbeat, which is one of important biological information.

Analyzing the fluctuation of this instantaneous heartbeat is able to find symptoms of various diseases such as arrhythmia.

By using Doppler sensor to acquire instantaneous heart rate noncontactly and noninvasively, it can be applied to such as health management for long distance truck driver and prevention of serious accident.